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Currently . I am available for short gigs in secular music and a one hour church or Christian program called the Lenten Journey.   

Announce coming events

I will be at the Grey Eagle in Asheville for open mic July 23, 2018. 7-9 free

I will be performing at the Sly Grog Lounge on 8/21/18 after 8 PM. This is a concert of several musicians including Mike Cane, Riyen Roots, Malcomb Holcomb, myself and others.

My album "Workers For The Light", is available on CD Baby at

I have been invited to perform with two othersongwriters at Twin Leaf Brewery in Asheville on March 30, 2018.

.I will be performing 6/7/18 at Summit Coffee House in Asheville for openmic 6


Also please check out where I often post original songs. the following is an example...

Pro Peace Rally 9/20/18 at the Sly Grog Lounge in Asheville 7-11

Pro Peace Rally 5/21/19 at the Sly Grog Lounge in Ashevile. I will be playing 3 new songs at 8:30 PM.

There will be another Pro-Peace Rally at the Sly Grog Louge in Asheville on July 18th. I am looking forward to playing 3 songs around 8:30. This event is free

Appalachian Coffee Company January 24th 2020 6:00 to 8PM solo performance.

Song writer Circle November 29 2019 at the Twin Leaf Bewery on the slope in Asheville. 8PM

Just got booked for March 27th 6:30 to 8:30 at Appalchian Coffee Company in Laurel Park NC.

Display Real Testimonials


"a bright countrified approach." Variety Mag.

"did a most outstanding job." Holliday Inn...Carteret NJ

First Place, Winterskol Song and talent show, Aspen Co.

Whatever you do, yell shout and demand that Patrick Welch sings "A moment Of Prayer and Voice of God"...they are absolutely beautiful.

"You have a gift and a responsibility to use it." Riyen Roots

Made it to # 1 on the ReverbNation folk chart in Asheville  2019..revolving between 2nd and 1st regularly. ...currently #1 in both local and region.

Current deals

I hope to get some recordings  ready soon, but in the meantime listen for free on spotify, sounddcloud, and it!  

An album of just me accoustc, Workers for the Light,  is available at

My new release of "Lenten Journey" will be available tomorrow at,,, 

I have just released an album called "Come To Us Again" on CD Baby, it can be accesed at this address:

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Big News

Digital album, "Shoes Of Peace" is now avilable at 

Here is a link to my new Youtube page...I am working getting some larger pictures so I can post things on it  is a start...



I have just released an album of songs related to the Kingdom of Heaven. You will find it here:  

Here is a link to my posts on Sound Cloud:

Here is another link to reverbnation where I also have some songs:

The following site has my Christmas album, and means to purchase parts or all of it.  

Open mic at THE GREY EAGLE in Asheville on 9/23/19

New Pro=peace song Rally 10/04/19 at the Sly Grog Lounge in Asheville.

Contact Information

Patrick Welch Music Bio

     When I started high school, I began to have an interest in music and performance, and took voice lessons and sang in the choir. I decided I would learn to play guitar. Dad made me pay for the first one, a Kay F hole. (wish I still had it)  He knew a few chords, and had been a travelling singer as a young man. He told me that as a young man he played on the steets of Ashevillw.  He played banjo and harmonica as well. My best friend learned to play stand-up bass, and we became the “Others Brothers”. Soon a female friend joined, and we added “And” to our name. We learned humor from the Smothers Brothers, and harmony from The Everly Brothers and Peter Paul and Mary, getting material from all, and creating some of our own music and skits.  In college, I continued to play wherever I could, and sang in the men’s chorus, doing a tour of Europe in, maybe 67.  I played at the Café Extempore in Minneapolis, and in that environment, saw many local greats like Koerner Glover and Ray. All inspired me, but a very talented guy named John Ylvisaker made me think more about song writing. He had a song called, “That’s The Thing I Don’t Like About Jesus,” which I liked. He told me to play it and expand on it…write more lyrics, encouraging me to be creative. I still play that song from time to time. Graduate school at Duke offered more opportunities to perform, and especially in the antiwar and social justice venues. I was placed at a coffee house in Atlantic Beach as the, “director”, which meant I played every night as the primary entertainment. I began to write more and got experience in performing for an audience. I used to go up to DC and play at the Cellar Door for open mic. On one occasion, Steve Stills brought his new band, Manassas, and played right after my slot. I was honored to be warm up for such a great artist. After Seminary, I failed to get a position working for the Methodist Student organization at NC State. The rejection was a huge blow to me and caused me to become very depressed, bad for head, good for songs.  During a ride, back from the beach, I picked up a hitch-hiker named Tim Lafone. Tim was standing outside a beach bar called the “Barnacle”. The band at the Barnacle were friends of mine and I am still in touch with some of them. They were all in the Navy and had a good folk/ bluegrass band. (I still have their album) Tim turned out to be a great harmonica, dulcimer, and guitar player. That became the start of a lot of fun. Tim and I travelled across the US playing in clubs and other venues as Reverend Patrick Welch and Kid Syncopate. We played as songwriter artists for the grand opening of the Sangre De Cristo Art Gallery in Pueblo Colorado. Another notable gig was, playing for the Bacardi Bros. at their vacation site in Steamboat Springs. At Tulagis on the Hill in Boulder, we opened for Paul Butterfield Better Days Band, Sonny Terry and Brownie Mc Ghee with Willy Dixon, and The James Cotton Band, when Matt Murphy was guitar man. These were exciting times. We traveled all the way from New Mexico to California, playing wherever we could, even on the street in Berkeley. We gave up, for a while, I got a job at a dry cleaning store, Tim went back to NC, but soon we reformed as a band, Good dog, and got a gig in Aspen Co. at the Holiday Inn. It was a year when there was very little snow, and the hotel would not pay us our full pay. We gave up again, only to reform in New York City a little while later.  In New York, we formed a new group called Light Reign which featured a female singer. We played all over New York and New Jersey, at such fancy places as Broadway Charlies, the Big Apple Celebration,  O' Lunney's, Kenny’s Castaway Club, Folk City, City Limits, The Lone Star Cafe, The Silver Dollar, and many others.  During that time, at a club called the High Side Inn, in Wayne, New Jersey, I met my wife Gail. She was, and is beautiful…I laid down my guitar and asked her to dance, that was almost 40 years ago. My song, “Stay”, chronicles this event. As is often the case, the band disassembled, with Tim going back to NC. where he met his wife, Kathy.  I met some new musicians, and we started a band called the Concrete Canyon Band. I played with them until Gail and I, and our 3 daughters moved to the Smokey Mountains in NC.  In North Carolina, I began to need to be more “normal” and used my M.Div. degree to secure work in mental health services, which I continued in until government budgets were cut, and I eventually lost my job and our house. During this time, I played with some local fellows at various local events---once played bass for the famous country singer, Bill Phillips who wrote “Big Rock Candy MT.” This progressed to a new band called the Double Nickel band where I regularly played both “Voice of God and Moment of Prayer.” We played at Maggies Oprey House. The good thing was it was a family friendly venue. I made an Album at the time called, “Dream Hero Daddy.” the two songs were recently licensed by Fervor Records for use on TV. From there I found a path that would take all of my education as a starting point, and Gail encouraged me to enter a 15-month chaplaincy training program at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, NC., where she also worked as a nurse.  While there, I started work on a doctorate, and then became the Director of the Center For Growth and Development, a company supplying mental health services to manufacturing facilities; moving easily to working for a psychiatrist in Greenville, NC. I became ordained during this time, and began serving as pastor to several small churches in eastern NC. Our son was born during this time, and he and our 3 daughters are joys of our lives! (Our Children have now blessed us with 7 grandchildren.) An important aside, is the times our son played harmonica with me and some others during church services. On another occasion  our youngest daughter performed a dance to a song called "Tweet" and played flute at a service. I wrote a children's story called, "Arthur Wind," and performed it at various schools. I have a recording of this, and am hoping to market the story. I have sent copies of the story to all of the children for use with their children.  Gail continued working as a nurse while taking care of four children, and I continued working as a pastor and pastoral counselor for 32 years, serving churches throughout western NC. During this time, I continued playing music in and out of church. In one church to which I was sent, the organist had a small jazz pop wedding band, and he and the drummer both played in church every Sunday. This was a pleasant surprise and kept me writing and practicing. In all of the churches there was always a church musician, many of whom helped me keep alive the interest in music...Our next stop, was our last in ministry. While serving 2 small churches near Winston Salem, I had a quadruple by-pass surgery accompanied by a heart attack and a stroke. This ended my years in ministry as I could no longer walk or talk. After a lengthy time of rehab, with the help of my wife Gail, who is a nurse, I began to recover, but was forced to go on disability, then retire.  How do you re-make yourself after that long stint? I had cards made up as a singer songwriter, began trying to get my hands to work and regain singing ability, and Gail & I had fun going to open mics where I performed my music.  I met a  blues player named Ryen Roots hosting an open mic event. Ryen said, “You have a gift and a responsibility to use it.” Since… I have been regularly going into these kind of environments and discovered several new internet based A&R companies, like Taxi, who have helped me get noticed and market my songs…even from a record made in 1980. The words to one of my newer songs express some of my feelings..."I was there 50 years ago and I ain't dead yet,"  thank God! Recently, Fervor Record Company ( has bought and licensed two of my songs, "Voice of God" and "Moment of Prayer!" Thank you Fervor!  Placing these helped me get a new perspective and was a part of the the beginnings of the song, "Ain't Dead Yet."  To see "Ain't Dead Yet," open the link  that follows:

Things I Have Learned About Music Licensing



Things I've Learned ..... This is an article I submitted to and also share here with you. How To Get Your Original Music Heard I have been writing songs since I was in High School. I have travelled across the country playing in various bands, but always with the hope that someone would see or hear me, like my music, and want to record it or have someone else record it. When 6 years ago, I became disabled, by a heart attack, stroke, and quad by-pass, I needed to reevaluate. I had had a good extensive career in Christian ministry, but still had never made the music connection. I began to research on the internet about publishing, and getting music into the hands of professionals. Of course, it is still possible to find publishers through books like the writer’s Market, but here is another option. There are several independent AR companies, that have begun to be big movers in the market. Some require membership some do not, but here are some suggestions. This list is by no means exhaustive, but will give you some starting points. 1. The first company I found was Taxi. Taxi requires membership and an annual renewal. You can submit songs in the MP3 format into a sort of personal vault. Then, each week they will post to your email opportunities in multiple genres. If you feel you have an appropriate song, you can go into your music library, check the box next to a particular song to be submitted. Taxi charges $5 for each entry. Your song will be submitted by the reviewer assigned to this listing, one of numerous reviewers, who will determine if they think your song is appropriate for the listing. If they feel your song is right, they will select and forward it to the person or supervisor who is seeking a song or musical production such as yours. They will then evaluate and may respond positively to you personally. Taxi employees are very responsive and helpful, and there are regular video events to educate and help music makers. After finding out about Taxi (, I found several others which I will mention briefly. 2. Broadjam (, provides a large number of opportunities as well. There are levels of membership, but there is a free level that gets one started. From what I have been able to experience, the music supervisors who select a song, present your song to the entity seeking music. Then ultimately the business or artist to whom your work has been presented will contact you with an offer when they choose it. 3. Some other hopeful independent A&R providers are Songtradr ( This site will lead you to many types of opportunities. 4.Another helpful group that will lead you to many new thoughts and provide excellent educational opportunities is Songs Alive. ( Songs alive has a relationship with several A&R companies, and is a place where many song writers find each other and are heard. 5. I have submitted to Hitlicense. ( Hitlicense has very clear descriptions of opportunities and has a very clear way for you to see where your song is in the process. 6. Musicxray can be joined for free and is helpful in evaluating songs (required). They charge as little as $5 and up to $20. ( Most of these Independent A&R companies prefer MP3s but that is not universal. I have found this software that will help change your song to the format requested. ( It is free at first but to use often you will need to purchase. The Independent A&R to whom you have submitted will continue to advise you of opportunities after you become associated with them. Your email address will become very important. Thanks for joining me, and paying attention to how to get your original music heard. In future postings, I will talk about copyright and pro organizations, which are definitely important aspects of sharing your music. revdocwelch 

About Us

Ain't Dead Yet

I am actively seeking to market my music, while not forgetting my life's calling of ministry. So, I will include bits of sermons from my files from time to time. Music has for the most part always been a way of expressing truth as I understand it...

I will be updating performance sites and info on release dates.

On Febrary 6, I will be performing at open mic at the Grey Eagle in Asheville.

On March 23, at 7 pm, I will be joinig Riyen Roots and others at UpCountry Brewing in West Asheville for a storytellers event.

I hope to play at open mic at the Grey Eagle on Wednesday  May 3rd between 6 and 9 PM.

.On wednesday Jan 3, 2018 I will be playing with others at the Jongo Java in Hendersonville, NC from 6-9 

I will be playing at Appalachian Coffee Company in Laurel Park/Hendersonville NC, January 24th from 6-8. Great place!

8 Albums available from CD Baby.

See above for link to Album on CD Baby, Workers For The Light.

I released several albums in October  on Cd Baby, you can visit Patrick P Welch  On YouTube, and listen to songs for free, or if you like, please order from CD Baby.